Zemeka Clarke (Zem Clarke) graduated from University for the Creative Arts (UCA) with an Upper Second Class (2:1) honours degree in Graphic Design. Her degree has allowed her to develop a practice-based approach to the art of visual communication, learning both analogue and digital skills such as typography, moving image and social design, within an encouraging and inspiring environment. She is a visionary in the creative field and has a passion for sport editorials and illustrations. 


She grew up in North West London, which has had a significant influence on the Art pieces that she chooses to Illustrate and Design. She has put her Graphic Design skills to the test by creating the digital illustration design of Serena Williams *Recognition* which was picked up and commented by the US Open tennis federation, receiving over 10k likes on Instagram.


She has enhanced her skill set by understanding the complexities of the Adobe software, using Illustrator CC as well as Photoshop CC, Indesign CC, Premier Pro CC and Lightroom CC.  These tools have allowed her to create her well known 'Zemmigon' Design pieces.


She is really keen to develop and learn, and is always willing to take on board advice and feedback from Graphic Designers in order to take it to the next level.


She is a huge fan of sports especially football. One of her goals is to work for a Graphic Design Agency that has an affiliation with sports, or even better football.

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